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Web App Development

Web apps are our bread and butter, and we build to enterprise-grade quality with an affordable start-up budget.

Our experience is next to none, having worked on systems similar to banks, stock-exchanges, Uber, AirBnB, Menulog/Deliveroo, Facebook, and many more.

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Responsive, Fast, Scalable, Affordable & Secure Web Applications

These are our core principles in developing your web app.

Responsive and Fast

Mobile app, or Responsive

Due to our innovative development approach, we're able to bundle a mobile app with your web app, without the pricetag you might imagine, using just one codebase for iOS and Android. Alternatively, we simply make your web app responsive, meaning when viewed on a mobile it looks and operates like an app, at no extra charge. Contact us today to learn more!


MVP or full-build

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a development methodology we recommend to start-ups. It involves determining your unique selling point, and building "leanly", saving you wasted capital on features your users don't need or want. We also take the full-build approach which sets up the full system from the get-go. We can help you determine which is best for your business.


Scalable & Secure

Our experience spans building web apps for high-value financial tech start-ups with rapid growth through to highly security-conscious Government departments such as DFAT. In all cases we face the challenge of scale and security, and always overdeliver. We're happy to share how we achieve enterprise-grade security for all clients big and small.

What Makes Us Different

We're more than your traditional agency in a few significant ways.

High compatibility with mobile

Some of our clients' web apps receive 85% of their visitors on mobile - the industry standard used to be just 30%. So we always take a mobile-first approach, meaning your web app will scale down to a mobile phone seamlessly. This is part of our development process and costs you nothing extra. Additionally, all our web apps are coded to be plug-n-play with a mobile app, so if you're needing both a web and mobile app, let us know!

SEO Friendly Web Applications
CLook Great On Every Device


Similar to our approach to mobile-friendliness, we ensure any public-facing pages on your web app (if any!) are highly SEO friendly. If we're building a companion marketing/corporate website for your web app, we will ensure it is search engine optimised from the get-go. Towards the end of the project, we'll do an audit and provide you a report on the quality of the SEO-friendliness using an independent third-party SEO analyst.

Look Great On Every Device

Deep collaboration & shared success

We'll consult with you, share our ideas, as well as our evidence for what makes your web app successful, from the start through to the end. This is included free, because we believe that if you're successful, you'll probably come back to us to ask for more features! Which is a win-win. Our strong desire for collaboration comes from our work with the social sector, where non-profits and charities have to collaborate to survive. We've found our start-up clients really enjoy being closely consulted; however some busy people prefer the "get it done!" approach - in which case we're happy to keep the consultation minimal.

Support and Maintenance
App Integration & Re-Engineering

Management Portal

In almost all cases, we will build you a fully-fledged management portal which contains every conceivable tool you need to manage your new web app; from reports to analyse, through to detailed settings you can tinker with, to user management and more. Our approach is to support you along the journey to self-sustainment - along the way, we will add new features to your management portal to either automate tasks or give you control to avoid reliance on us!

App Integration & Re-Engineering

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No matter where you're from, what you're after, your budget, experience or timeframe, please feel free to reach out now or request a callback with the form below!

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