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Mobile App Development

When it is time to turn your ground-breaking app idea into a reality, you need the right team on your side.

Our passion for creating successful mobile apps means that we can take your dream and quickly build a secure and reliable app right here in Australia. Our unique methodology ensures that everything is coded properly, so there is no headaches or hidden expenses for you later on.

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Full-service Development

Your success is our success, so we prioritise working with clients we know we can help succeed. And since we want to be your long-term dedicated mobile app developer, we offer flexible payment options to take some of the pressure off while your business grows.

Product & Market Strategy

Product & Market Strategy

From the start of the project to well after completion, we’ll be with you every step of the way - but first, we’ll make sure that your app idea is feasible and has a place in today’s market. We share our experiences from other projects, including every feature that makes an app succeed right through to how to innovatively market your app to get users.

UI/UX Design

Development & Maintenance

Our fair hourly rate and innovative technology stack that we use allow us to build your mobile app at a cost that is usually far below what other traditional agencies will quote you. We listen to your goals and use UI improvements to achieve these, and we will be here for you whenever you need us if your goals or dreams change.

QA and Testing

UI/UX Design

We strongly believe in building an ‘MVP’ (minimum viable product), a term that has gained traction in the start-up world of late. MVP refers to the concept of building the core functionality of your app, so we’re not wasting and time and money on useless features. This is where our UI/UX considerations come in, but we always design our apps at a world-class standard. First impressions count, even if all the features are not there immediately.

What Makes Us Different

We are always more affordable than traditional app development agencies due to our modern development approach. Check out what else separates us from the pack!

No financial stress… ever

The last thing you need when building a business is being dumped with a hefty bill. We understand that small businesses and start-ups need to be smart with their cash flow, and that is why we are able to offer affordable monthly payments for small projects and repayment plans for larger projects. We are the only agency (that we know of!) in Australia who offers this service at the moment. We don’t charge you for services that you don’t need either – we ensure that your hourly or fixed price quote truly reflects the work that we do for you, and we amend accordingly should anything with your project change.

Cross Platform App Development
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We collaborate for shared success

From the very start of your project through to the end, we consult with you and share our ideas, as well as proof of what makes an app successful. We provide this free service because we want you to have the best possible chance of success, and when you do, you’ll no doubt want to expand your mobile app capabilities with us. That’s a win-win for everyone involved. Our regular clients love our close consultation method, but if it’s a little more than you need, just say the word.

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One codebase @ half the cost

Our approach to building apps is an evolution on how traditional mobile app agencies are selling their services. We use the latest innovative technologies to develop your app in ONE codebase, so that if you want your app on both iOS and Android, we can easily deploy it to both. This cuts out the iOS & Android specialists’ costs, and the other 5 other engineers usually required to build a single app - meaning less cost to you. And since we only need to monitor one codebase, our apps are as secure and reliable as the traditional model.

Mobile App Monetization
Mobile Commerce

Our experience speaks for itself

We don’t just churn out code…. even though that’s a big part of building apps! We are here to help you revolutionise the niche (or entire world!) you are targeting, so we bring everything to the table that is critical to your success by drawing on our wealth of experience. This means that we share with you the opportunities to capitalise on, the strategies that work, and the best UI decisions.
We live and breathe mobile apps, so we know every pitfall, drawback, and danger zone, and will ensure that none of these are holding you back. We are used by fin-techs dealing with high-value transactions, so we have the credentials and evidence to stand behind what we say.

Mobile Commerce

We help those in need

When you invest in us to build your mobile app, you are also supporting the great work that we do for the non-profit sector. In our spare time, we provide pro-bono services for charities, social enterprises, and non-profits, which equals around 25% of our projects. We are hoping to increase this to around 30% in the near future, while still providing exceptional service and commitment to all our clients.

Cross Platform App Development

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