10 Start-up Grants, each valued at $10,000 (office space + website + marketing)

Fair Digital, in partnership with Babylon Coworking, is pleased to announce up to $100,000 worth of start-up grants, valued at $10,000 each ($24,000 if you’re a tax-exempt non-profit). We’re offering free office space in our Collingwood coworking office, free website development, free hosting, free set-up of Google ads (if non-profit) and more. It’s part of our…
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Why I use my photo in emails [satire]

When I first decided to start using my photo in email signatures, I was met with a lot of apprehension. From friends, through to family and colleagues. They were confused why I would do it. Some of their comments ranged from it being unprofessional, to it not being the done-thing, some even outright saying it…
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China’s new index has Bitcoin at No. 13, and Ethereum boasts itself as the top public blockchain.

The China Centre for Information Development of the Ministry of Industry & Information technology this Thursday indicated that Ethereum has up trended to the top public blockchain in the cryptocurrency space, while the novel virtual currency Bitcoin was ranked at thirteen. Ethereum is strengthening against its cryptocurrency counterparts, following a typical bullish move after a…
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